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Parking Lot Striping Stop Bar
Helicopter Pad Striping and Stenciling
Mcdonalds Drive Thru Parking Lot Striping

* Certificate of Insurance
* Workmans Comp. Ins. 
* SHERWIN-WILLIAMS (Pavement Marking Paint)

*THERMO-Plastic Striping (Long Lasting) 
* GRACO Line-Laser equipment
* 30 Years of  experience
* Prompt & courteous  communication
* Reliable Service
* 30 Day billing Terms
*Distance Traveling

"These are factors that are Non-negotiable " for You.  In other words; "A formula for SUCCESS "

We follow the Details and Measurements from the BLUEPRINTS, getting the End results that Count!

From Your initial phone Call to the Billing process, we got You covered in regards to the PARKING LOT STRIPING of your Project. 

Our Mission 

We feel that our Success is due to the Awareness God Has given US to "Make a Difference in people's lives". 
TRUELINE  STRIPING LLC has been Dedicated for 30 Years, being an Example of  Professionalism in this Industry.  MORE importantly, the Legacy of Many satisfied CUSTOMERS!
Our finished Results and Strong customer relations, over the many Years of service, speak for themselves.  
With the People at TRUELINE, you can be Assured of getting the Results you Need.  You not ONLY get a GOOD job, but More than that, You get a good FRIEND!

"Your TRUE worth is Determined by how much MORE you GIVE in Value than you take in payment". 

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Year Established

An anonymous but wise author once said; "There is NO traffic jam on the extra mile."                            


Property Owners

Commercial, Industrial, Retail

For 30 Years,  TRUELINE STRIPING LLC has been serving the communities around you, in Regards to their PARKING LOT STRIPING needs. 

When it comes to an "ALL-Around"  PROFESSIONAL experience, TRUELINE is the Call to make. 

Besides the Enhanced BEAUTY of your Facility and Increased VALUE of your Investment, we ALSO will represent YOU well while on the Job.  


We "WELCOME" your Call and are available to discuss the Details of your Parking Lot needs.  


Our History

Rooted in the Pavement Marking Industry since 1964; involved on the Mfg. side for 17 years and Now DEDICATED to the Parking Lot Striping needs of those who call.  

Since 1991,  TRUELINE STRIPING LLC continues to Grow and be Successful in today's market.  We contribute our success to The Many repeat calls of Customers and stay focused on these Two priorities:  

1).  *Customer Satisfaction* - returning your calls, fair pricing,  prompt scheduling and pleasant experience.  

2).  *Professional Workmanship* - straight lines, thick paint, clean edges. Lay-out work is artistic, concentrating on detail. 

Working with TRUELINE is an investment NOT an expense. The Results bring APPEAL to your facility and Customer CONFIDENCE in You.   



For any inquiries or questions, please call:

Rod Harris: 205-446-5259

Drew Harris: 256-438-7589 

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Thank you for your inquiry! We will be in touch with you soon. We look forward to working with you.

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Phone: 256-438-7589


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